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I was 150 lbs 3 months ago and I felt very uncomfortable. Summer is much hotter and I even felt I can not move very fast. So I want to order some diet pills and accidently,I find Fruta Planta.I lost 32 lbs in 3 months, very happy with the effect.

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Tina Santiago, from United States

I keep you updated after taking fruta planta 24 days and the effect is wonderful! I have dropped 11 lbs! I was a bit afraid of side effect as I've never used it before, I did take other diet pills but always felt uncomfortable, I take the pill in the morning with plenty of warm water as suggested, to protect my stomach, I take it about half hour after breakfast and it does awesome to suppress my hunger! I feel full all day and I only have dry mouth, no other side effects! I love it!

Doris Bridges, from Malaysia

I gained my weight due to bad eating habit, I heard a lot of good things of fruta planta and it was said to be good at appetite suppressing so I gave it a chance, they are really awesome, I've been using them for a month and I have already lost 10 pounds! I am no longer hunger even I eat much less than b4, I really appreciate this product, I hope to lose about 20 pounds more, let's go on~!

Anne Clark, from United States

My friend took it at first and she got good result so I ordered some, I did use a lot of diet pills before but none of them work obviously, I just bought one pack for try to make sure I wouldn't lose money again but fruta planta works! I am really really excited when I find 12 pounds was lost! I drink plenty of water every day as the instruction says and I didn't get any bad feeling, I'd love to recommend this wonderful diet product, thanks a bunch!

Get to Know Fruta Planta!

100% Natural Slimming Product,for both Male and Female!
Healthy diets and regular exercises are of key importance to your weight-loss success, and the same can be said for your slimming program with Fruta Planta According to statistics, almost 92% of our customers lose weight successfully after taking Fruta Planta Pills . Are you ready for it?

As one of the most popular weight loss products in the market, Fruta Planta Slimming Capsule is committed to bringing obese people a SAFE, SIMPLE and FAST solution. Made from various natural ingredients such as lemon, bitter melon, papaya, mangosteen, Fruta Planta is effective to burn and remove the fat around your hips, arms, buttocks and face.

How Fruta Planta Performs?
Control Calorie:Suppressing starch intake, increasing satiety and inhibiting the absorption of fatty ssubstance.
Burn Fat: Improving metabolism to stop fat synthesis, and decomposing extra fat to prevent accumulation
Clear Toxin: Adjusting the digestion system and clean all toxins out, so that the fat won't be absorbed.

Latest Comments for Fruta Planta!

Real pills by Doreen Cain
These fp pills are the real ones, i have lost 20lbs since starting, so happy, i absolutely loooove these pills, i did have constipation problem at the first week but no now after drinking enough water, i also have a banana every other day :) the pills suppress appetite but i eat 3 meals, i feel good now, thank you for good product!!

Happy weight loss by Melba Bishop
About half month taking fruta planta diet capsules and lost 8lbs so far, very happy with the weigh loss result, hope i can get more lbs down, wish me good luck :)))

Lose weight by Sandy Nichols
My friends lost 25lbs and looks great, she recommended me this product and gave me a couple of pills for try, i feel good so i bought mine, so far i have taken the pills for 20 days and the weight has gone from 147 to 138, i have side effects of dry mouth and less sleep, i don’t know why i have less sleep, just hope this side effect can go away... Fingers crossed

Effective by Marion Guzman
I have been using these pills for two weeks now and i have lost 4kgs so far i have tried many diet capsules before and this is the most effective product i think, my appetite seems disappear and i no longer hungry and most of the time i even forget to for the side effect, i have got dry mouth but not too bad, i drink a lot of water and feel ok

11lbs down by Anita Ballard
I’ve been taking fruta planta for a month, thirsty so i have to keep drinking water, main benefits are a decrease in appetite and an increase in energy, the weight change is 11lbs now, i will combine workouts to get faster results

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